We invite you to the II Agro-Mining Convention AGROMIN


Our joint efforts, conviction and will, added to the knowledge and hope that Peru holds all the conditions necessary to reach its full potential and, thereby, finally defeat poverty and extreme poverty, and reduce the inequality that still exists among Peruvians, brings us together for what we must consider an excellent opportunity for everyone.
This gathering of businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians, educators, researchers, students, civil authorities, representatives of the different governmental branches, grassroots organizations, trade unions, etc., is the best incentive to motivate us and is what compels the organizers of this event, called II AGRO-MINING CONVENTION - AGROMIN 2021 Virtual Platform, to continue raising awareness on how this challenge concerns as all and, therefore, our contribution is vital to achieve the local development of communities and the harmonious coexistence to mitigate social conflicts, as central pillars for future generations.
Having said all the above, and in my capacity as President of the Organizing Committee of this II AGRO-MINING CONVENTION - AGROMIN 2021 Virtual Platform, I cordially welcome you and offer my best wishes, hoping that the topics presented and analyzed on this occasion will help us reflect on how to find solutions to the existing problems and the different ways in which us, as Peruvians, understand each other.
Rómulo Mucho